Ooh Wee Smoothies combine fresh fruits and vegetables with natural fruit juices squeezed daily

Our formulations ensure that your smoothie is packed with vitamins and minerals, and dont forget the Ooh Wee option for a supplemental boost

We use fresh seasonal fruits to ensure a fresh experience everytime you order

All Ooh Wee Smoothies are made to order fresh daily to ensure that you get the highest quality freshest product possible

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  • Reduces weight
  • Improves health
  • No added sugars
  • Adds strength and energy
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What our customers say

Hi my name is Raymond Stone and I love Garden Detox smoothies. My youngest daughter is 6 and she also loves them now. My oldest is working on them. But I have been able to convert her into eating healthy fruits and veggies. So her smoothies have less green in them but they are getting better.

Raymond Stone

Ooh Wee Smoothies have changed my life. Not only have I converted my family members, but also the people I work with. My 15 month old son loves the green detox smoothies and always asks for more. I feel better, look better, and love that I was able to spread the word about ooh wee smoothies!

Gina James

Hi, I’m 17 and a raw vegan and ooh wee smoothies have changed my life! I always felt tired and cranky and always a little hungry but as soon as I added ooh wee smoothies, I felt AWESOME! They give me everything I need, I love my smoothies!

Olivia Rashford

Best Smoothies in Columbus! The staff is knowledgeable and very friendly. Not to mention their smoothies taste incredible! Yummy!

Aisha Case
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