Age: 35
Experience: 12 years
Specialization: Nutrition

About Me

My goal is to ensure that in every smoothie the health benefits are worthy of being an OohWee Smoothie, while the flavor combinations are what drives our customers to say “Ooh Wee”. Navigating this delicate balance has led to hundreds of hours in our blend laboratories crafting the perfect smoothies. My goal is to ensure that as new flavors are introduced that they meet our high nutritional and flavor standards


Growing teams need functional and operational leaders. I focus on the functional leadership to ensure every smoothie makes our customers say ooh wee

Training the team allows me to empower them to become the best versions of themselves. Self-development is a core value of Ooh Wee Smoothie and I am proud to live it everyday

My interactions with our customers are the highlight of my day, Customer service is the one thing that drives service industry businesses to new heights, and I am proud to lead the charge


Engagement 90%
Flavor Analytics 98%
Health Consultation 93%
Ingredient Engineering 94%
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